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#1 TEE AT SUNRISE 18X36 in, acrylic on canvas, Collection of Sunrise Executive Golf Course

In this painting you see the first tee box of the local Sunrise Executive par 3 golf course. One day I spoke with the Sales Director about doing a painting for them in exchange for free golf next year. This is the result of the transaction. On two successive days I took a series of reference photographs of the terrain and golfers. Reviewing them I chose the scene that would immediately evoke recognition of patrons as they walk into the clubhouse. The first tee presents a unique and picturesque vantage point - unique because of the power lines under which the course is designed and picturesque because of Langley City in the valley and Mount Baker in the distance to the south. On a busy and sunny August Saturday afternoon, the tee box was crowded. The golfer was in position and must have felt the pressure. All eyes were on him. I chose a wide angle profile, a 36 inch canvas by 18 inches high to convey the panorama of the fairways. The canvas was covered in three coats of Tri Art canvas gesso, coats one and three in cream matte and middle layer in white. I painted with acrylics Tri Art and Golden. On Oct 24 I presented the painting to the partners of Sunrise.

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