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Recently the Cloverdale Reporter sent journalist Christine Lyon to interview me in my home studio and then a very kind article appeared in the local paper. I am deeply appreciative of this good exposure to my immediate community. The three paintings in the other frame are works I am presently working on. One as you can see is the painting for my local golf course which was nearing completion; one is a White Rock marina scene and another a mailbox on a raspberry farm which I found to be a fascinating subject. There's work to be done on each of them, but moving from one to another provides some respite when one is not going the way I want. I am struggling with the mailbox painting. The mailbox grabbed me. I think I have rendered it well and I loved doing the tall grasses in the foreground. I have to make the raspberry rows more convincing and complimentary to the overall scene. The farm is Indo Canadian owned and I have inserted labourers as I often see them in the fields.

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