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MAKE IT SKIP DADDY, 11X14 in., acryilc in canvas, private collection

I am thrilled with the outcome of this work. I wanted to dip back in time a bit to recapture a scene in which my grandson Kale was about two and half years old. He is four now. In this painting Kale has found a stone at Crescent Beach. He has seen his dad and Papa (me) throw stones into the water to make them skip. He has yet to master the art. He needs a little more strength and speed to make it happen. Here he is pictured saying, “Make it skip Daddy.” It’s a father and son moment to be treasured, and now it can be. I painted this for my son.

The painting marks a stylistic change or adjustment I made with this piece. The canvas is small, 11 X 14 inches. My style was more precise on this smaller area using a small brush to capture physical similarities as well as the bright colours of sunset. Whereas I have been using larger brushes and larger strokes for a realistic yet impressionistic result, on this canvas I used small brushes for more detailed outcomes. I also accented the lights and darks without feathering the edges. It satisfies me because I am a good drawer and I can retain the penciled features with this more careful approach. I will see as time goes on but I am surmising that I will retain the precision work for the main subject of larger paintings while giving myself liberty on the supportive backgrounds.

This sequence shows you the sketch, then some paint application and the final product.

©2006 Ron Unruh

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