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I held an Open House Art Show in my home on October 18th from 2-5 pm and was pleasantly surprised that about forty friends came to look around. Christine had displayed 27 of my paintings within the three primary rooms of our main level. People entered and were handed a page listing the painting titles and information in the sequence in which they were displayed clockwise around the rooms. The layout of the home lends itself to this flowing traffic which worked well. Refreshments were available when they arrived in the third room. Bowls of nuts were located in the other rooms. I had so much fun talking with people, catching up and also speaking about the art. Christine was amazing as she serviced people inquiring about the paintings. Of the 27 paintings, ten were moved and found new homes. That is a good response and a great encouragement to me. People chose paintings from my French collection, my local collection, my Greece collection and from my archival collection of watercolours dating to 1989. I greeted everyone at the door in my beret. Some thought it cute and one woman laughed. Wonderful response.

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