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MOUNT BAKER FROM POINT ROBERTS, 16X20 in acrylic on canvas, espresso frame and cloth liner,

This is my most recent painting as of Friday December 18/09. The scene is of Mount Baker in the distance seen from Point Roberts, that quaint little peninsula of United States soil detached from the American mainland and stuck at the end of Tsawassen. It is a brisk day, crisp wind, sunlight is bright above the bleached and dry lumber that has washed ashore over a long time. These kinds of scenes always captivate me inexplicably. This painting was done with acrylics on canvas. I am actually engaged in a personal experiment. I am also working on an oil on canvas version of this identical scene and one on watercolour, same dimensions. I am seeking to learn what medium makes me most comfortable and yields my most satisfying result as well as the best appreciated by others. It's the evidence of a still emerging artist who has not quite found his way but the looking is enjoyable.

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