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This is a first for me. A client and her interior designer came to look at the works I have in my studio/gallery. The designer is advising on colour and decor and hangings for a total renovation of the client's home. They walked away with two paintings and may come back for others. Christine handles the business end of our lives and is experienced with placement and framing preferences and does an admirable job of talking with prospective clients. One of the paintings that this client purchased is called 'Toward the Light' (16 x 24 in.)and is a busy scene of strewn branches in the foreground and an old growth stump and fallen tree and then in the distance through the trees one can see the way to the light in the meadow outside.

The other scene is 'Mykonos - Little Venice Sunset,' (24 X 36 in.) which is a place that captivated me and to which I would love to return. On this Greek island, an entire stretch of buildings sit with foundations in the sea. It is quaint. I have pictured a restaurant on the second level close to the viewer. Someone sits in an alcove in the foreground. I loved capturing the reflected light from the sunset upon the walls of the buildings, and the sparkling light on the water.

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