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David Hoens obliged his wife Diane by coming with her to an art show called Emergence in which seven other artists and I displayed 100 art pieces. David did not know that Diane had commisioned me many months earlier to paint an image of David aboard his Cal 20 sailing craft as he enjoyed a solo day off the Vancouver shoreline. I worked on canvas with acrylic, and after some preliminary sketches showed Diane the start with the image of David's head somewhat developed. She approved the likeness and I went on to complete the painting. She wanted to surprise him, so she pretended not to know me as she brought David into the show. She passed through rooms of paintings and then she arrived at one of my panels of paintings and immediately his recognition of his image overwhelmed him. It was a delightful memorable moment for all of us. We shared the delight of Diane's gift to him and he could not get over what she had managed to accomplish.

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