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Bernie Major Bio Photo
Back in June 2009 I wrote an appreciative blog post about Bernie Major. That post was on my GPS blog which has subsequently been devoted the advocacy for the return of Paul and Zabeth Bayne's children. Since that time I have come to know Bernie a bit more, through sharing an art show with him in 2010 and talking occasionally.

He has a distinctive and consistent style with oils that make his work easily recognizable. He makes international trips that he turns into series of wonderful paintings that evoke for others the memories of people and places and exotic scenes.

Today June 11th 2011 he has held a one man show at Frames West in Murrayville (Langley) and he has displayed there his impressions of his recent trip to Egypt. His available work today is very appealing, colourful, attractive brush work, and you will enjoy it I am sure. You should visit Bernie Major’s art website. Bernie is an interesting man who served with the British military and the London Metropolitan Police Force as well as the Scotland Yard detective branch. After emigrating to Canada in 1969 he opened a private investigation company from which he retired in 1999. He then devoted himself to his painting. While he enjoyed watercolour, he transitioned to oils and thus emerged a distinctive colourful and textured recognizable style. Bernie is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists with numerous juried competitions to his credit.

Frames West is owned by Sandra Craig. Sandra purchased this store one year ago and has been gradually transforming this framing outlet into a gallery showing original art. Local artists have been showing here. You must drop in and look at the pieces or bring in a painting or photo that you would like to have framed and see the selection of framing material. You will find several paintings of my works available in her store as well.  Frames West is located at 105-22259 48th Ave., Langley, B.C. with phone 604-530-9015

Take a look at Bernie’s enjoyable work.

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