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D'Angelo Estate Vineyard Painting

D'Angelo Estate Vineyards
I had an opportunity to present to D'Angelo Estate Vineyards, a large painting depicting their vines stretching toward a knoll that overlooks Lake Okanagan. It suggests the rolling hills on both sides of the lake that are now covered by vineyards both large and small. It is a beautiful part of the world. In the images here, the painting itself was done in oil on canvas and the canvas was 24X30 inches. I have situated the viewer between the rows looking to end of the row with an awareness that rows move out to the left and to the right. Even the hills ahead have rows of grapes. The far side of the lake is visible and a light hazy appearance under a mid-afternoon sun. The second image is me holding the painting as I stand with my back to the scene that I have captured here. I am standing on one of balconies of a B&B that is located on the estate.
I am standing with the image of my painting behind me
first draft in acrylic and from a high viewpoint
 This painting involved a process made complicated by my dissatisfaction with the early version. I painted it initially with acrylic on canvas and painted it as though I was standing on the balcony and at first I though I would like the lofty viewpoint but the painting did not draw the viewer into the painting. So I decided to overpaint it with oil and at the same time change the vantage point. When I finished it I was much happier with it and eager to go to the location to see how the painting matched up with the venue.

I am very pleased that the Vineyard owners are pleased with the outcome.

D'Angelo Estate Vineyards


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