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I am so grateful for the interest that you have shown in my work before. I am pleased to be among several artists invited to display our paintings at this coming Saturday evening's Coffee House Art Show entitled "Soul Cravings" hosted by Breakthrough, a division of Power to Change here in Langley. The admission is free and there are modestly priced refreshments. Start time is 7 PM Saturday, February 25. This is being held at 20385 64th Ave.

Please come to enjoy the paintings, and the silent auction opportunities which include one of my paintings. Auction proceeds are donated to a special project - a water well in Haiti. Four more days to our Soul Cravings Art Show!

We are looking forward to live music with Jenni and Sam, twelve artists sharing their beautiful work, good coffee and goodies, conversation and laughter, optional table games, and words of encouragement through our free Spiritual Insights for those who request it. All of this is a demonstration of the kind of coffee house atmosphere we would like to see established in a location in Langley. We invite you to come, bring your friends, and experience this evening with us.

Some of my artist colleagues will be: Jeanie Shilton, Alison Philpott, Donna Leavens, Meghan Bustard, Brian Buhler, Daniel Giesbrecht, Michael J. Reah, I.J.Baerg

POSTSCRIPT: The evening was a pleasant experience with enjoyable conversations with many people, some tasty food, and I sold one painting. 

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