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Shiraz for Harvest
Well that was fun. An enjoyable window on a Sunday afternoon. I scheduled three hours for a half price sale of my original paintings. In spite of the fact that I made a nuisance of myself by repeatedly sending sale reminders to friends and acquaintances, a few people showed up and purchased. Upon reflection perhaps it was because I made a nuisance of myself that only a few people showed up. I consoled myself with warmth of the sunshine outside and the conversations with people and the income. Here are some of those paintings acquired today.
Between the Rows
Merlot Blues


Beach Bikes

And now, I have reboxed the paintings that I will take to our new abode when we move on Friday, and several of the other paintings that didn't sell I will give away. I will take today to Penny Pinchers, that take whatever you given them, resell it and the proceeds go to the Langley Hospital. These paintings and several others are donated. Now if you want them, you might pay $2 instead of what I was asking. 

Penny Pincher

Phone :
(604) 530-3232
Address :
20211 56 Ave, Langley, BC V3A3Y6
La Boheme in Montmartre
Montmartre Sidewalk Cafes

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