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I have begun a new painting and these are early studies of the face of this interesting character.
The actual painting will be a much larger painting of the man
sitting outside with a hefty Cuban cigar. Fitting, because he

himself is Cuban.

So much remains to be captured in his elegant face.

His features are carved with deep facial lines, that I need to work at to achieve.

I love his hand positions.

One hand holds the cigar while the other is bent over on one knee as he sits.

It will be important to the overall affect to portray his bent and relaxed posture.

At his side and attached to his belt will be a large machete in its case, hanging and almost touching the ground.

Some lush palm branches will show up behind his head and body, disclosing the sunny climate in which he has lived all his life.

These early sketches help me get a feel for the man whom I am painting and what it will feel like to place him on a large canvas.

In this sketch I have the facial portrait and in a smaller image to the bottom right, I have placed the seated man as he will appear in the final painting.

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