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Un Cabellero Cubano

I have waited months to show this painting. It is a commissioned piece, a surprise for someone's spouse. It's entitled 'Un Cabellero Cubano' or, a Cuban Gentleman. It was picked up on Friday so now I can do the big reveal. It's 22X28 inches, oil on canvas. I worked at it for several months, a little at a time, allowing the oil to dry before overpainting. I thoroughly enjoyed this man.

hands are important
Using a photo the client provided, I did preliminary sketches and an initial oil study of the Cabellero's head and then began to compose the painting. Without good visual definition, one must use imagination to arrive at contrasts, darks and lights and facial details.
Working on full figure

The initial oil study of the head

The title translation is ‘A Cuban Gentleman.’
That’s how I saw him. He fascinated me the moment
that I saw this memento of your Cuban vacation.
His brown eyes shine hazel in the sunlight and without
A broad smile, they welcome you to look at him, and even
to engage him with “¿Hola, cómo estás?"
He’ll answer with a soft and courteous, “Bien, gracias."
Without knowing anything about him, I imagined
him to be a contented man, self-assured, with adequate
means for a comfortable living. He is well positioned in life,
past the need to be in the fields. He is an owner.
His machete hangs at his side as a useful tool and
as a reminder of his youth. He clears overgrowth
around his place. He is married and he has grandchildren
and he is good to them all. His wife is a striking woman,
still with glistening dark hair tied into a bun behind her head
and held with a jeweled pin. He is never without a hat, and
underneath his hat is a full head of strong white hair.
His face is lined with years and weather that communicate
identity and character. His daily pleasure is to sit in a slightly
shaded spot to smoke a Cuban cigar.

I would like to know him better.

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