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This is great fun. An Event Planner for a New York corporation is planning her own wedding to occur in a French town that Christine and I visited in 2009 and which I painted a rather hasty & mediocre small painting. Some week ago, this person inquired whether I would sell the painting so she could use the image for her wedding invitations. I regretfully informed her that it had been donated to the Penny Pincher Thrift Shop, a Langley Hospital auxiliary. An artist however retains the image rights, so for a modest price $25.00 I authorized to her a one time use (her invitations). She agreed and said she would also send a signature scent (perfume) from the Company she represents. Today at our door was a UPS parcel with the scent and a cheque for the cents. I have given her permission to print 60 stamps with the image as well which will go on the envelopes.

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