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What a grand way to spend a couple of hours on Friday.

Barbara Boldt is an established painter living just outside Fort Langley. Her home located under towering trees and surrounded by farms, contains scores of available paintings. She paints in oil and has a distinctive realist painting style. Her subject matter is life in British Columbia, the time worn rock formations on Galiano, the grasses and reeds along rivers and streams, field wildflowers and cultivated florals in her own garden. She sells only original works, no prints, and prides herself that a purchaser receives a painting that is one of a kind. She has collectors on several continents.  She holds occasional well-attended shows in her home. She teaches lessons to a few students at a time.

Photo by Jane Watt
I won't presumptuously claim to be one of her best friends yet I have known Barbara for many years, beginning when she had her own gallery of paintings in Fort Langley. We have corresponded from time to time. Barbara, the person, the painter with a story, the painter who began to paint at age 45, fascinated me. Today, Friday, September 12, 2014, I enjoyed the marvelous privilege of visiting her. I've been meaning to do this for a long time. She was always open to the opportunity and today it happened. We shared with one another, displaying our art pieces to one another and talking about them. But that wasn't all. I brought some of my poems and she had a folder of her own poems and we read to one another while sipping coffee. We shared stories from our lives. I admire and respect Barbara a great deal.

She has been honoured from time to time, and deserves greater recognition from peers. She has worked hard at her craft. She has a pioneer spirit, a survivor's heart, an authenticity and determination that should make anyone proud to own a Boldt.

Photo by Jane Watt
Together with Jane Watt she has produced a book of her paintings, entitled, 'Places of her Heart, The Art and Life of Barbara Boldt.'

See Jane Watt's comments about Barbara at Watt's website, Fenton Publishers 

She has collections of paintings in several categories such as,

Barbara Boldt's Studio is located at 25340 84th Avenue, in beautiful Glen Valley, 5 minutes from Fort Langley.
If you would like to visit Barbara at her studio, and to ensure she's available for a visit, please call ahead, at 604.888.5490
Small group lessons are available for oils.

For more information, please call 604.888.5490, or e-mail Barbara at:

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